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LONG OVERDUE: gig review!

This has taken me freaking FOREVER to get done since my last blog fucking ate it!

i attended an awesome gig at Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge on 8th March the bands were Summer Cities, Trioxin Cherry and Dirt Box Disco.

Now i am relying on my feeble brain and what remains of my eaten review (which i can tell you right now mainly consists of wingdings and boxes…. not happy), so this won’t be as long and padded out as i had hoped 😦 apologies for this in advance.

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Web design and Charity Fun Run!

OK so let me start off by saying this – web design meetings can be so much fun, especially when my new (toy) crossbow arrives and we get side tracked….

this was out web design meeting in full flow. @Fallen013 on Twitpic


if that doesn’t work click here (twitpic link opening in new window)

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Fly Young Red – NSFW Video Included.

OK two blog posts in one day!  and as a note: the video is SFW but the lyrics are not.

i follow a gentlemen by the name of TJ Sotomayor on youtube and twitter (and instagram), the guy is pretty fuggin awesome and he says what needs to be said about (yes imma say this word) black persons and because he himself is (as he puts it) “Dark Skinned” he can get away with it unlike if someone like me said it (cuz then i would OBVIOUSLY be racist).

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Positive Behavioural Qualities

this will be a short blog but….meh…

so as part of my councelling i have some stuff i have to write down and one of them is when i do something which constitutes positive behavioural/personality qualities.  i just sat down with the form and as i looked at it and though stuff through, i realised that i have no idea what to put….

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The Walking Dead Season 1 + 400 Days


OK so i know i am very behind on playing TWD game; but up until recently i wasn’t interested in it.    this WILL contain SPOILERS.  there is your warning.

I finally got my grubby little mitts on it and sat my a$$ down for pretty much 12 hours (give or take an hour or two including bathroom breaks (for me AND my dog), food, sleep etc) and i completed the whole thing.

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My first post….

So i am CrazyDiamond and I have fibromyalgia, anxiety issues and possible borderline personality disorder (it was touched on 5+ years ago but nothing was ever done as the paperwork was “lost” by the psychiatrist.)

I turned 28 on March 11 this year and as I hit this number, which for some reason I have trepidation about, I realised another year had passed (I count mine from bday to bday not new year to new year) and this is when I sit and ‘re-evaluate my life. (Why has this thing added a ‘ when it’s not needed….? Silly app….)

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