Not the literal kind of punch – i’m talking the body modification kind.

getting a new body mod – be it colouring my hair, getting a piercing or a tattoo – it always calms me, brings me back to being me.  it can be a very spiritual experience.

today i got two new mods; i had my conch punched to 2ga (6mm) and i had my septum pierced as well.  i won’t lie, i was absolutely terrified of the conch punch.  i had watched videos and read experiences so i had an idea of what to expect… but having fibromyalgia i knew i’d feel it more than others would.

Patrick (Kielty) of BodyAlter in Worksop was amazing as always – two years ago (holy cow) he fixed my earlobe after a horror experience with lobe scalpelling (which, BTW, hurt more than having my conch punched).

The process of having it punched was pretty damned quick.  it was all over and done with in under 2 minutes.  After some nice long breaths to calm myself…..the pain was short and sharp and the worst part of the whole thing was the taper – it was punched at 5mm and then stretched to 6mm (Patrick finds this helps it heal easier).  I bled a tonne (which i was expecting tbh) and i even got to see the little skin piece that came out my conch.  (Euww).

The onto the septum, which was a royal pain in the ass to line up cuz my septum is deviated (ever so) slightly…just a little after it being broken 5 times.  BUT…. third time lucky?! i hope so.  it’s adorable and cute and i love it.

right now i am a little euphoric i guess, i think that’s the adrenalin running through me at the moment and the endorphins from the pain.

that’s something that a lot of people do not understand.  Those who self-harm don’t do it because they want to die.  (we) do it because the pain causes an endorphin rush which for a few seconds/minutes/hours we are happy.  Pain causes an endorphin rush.  Endorphins make us feel happy.

i think it’s one of the reasons i like getting tattoos and piercings so much….

right….on to pictures.

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