I touched upon this in my first post briefly, but I wanted to actually explain what’s going on.

I do have voices in my head and they have names; snap, crackle and pop.

Snap is sort of like a constant inner monologue with added opinions and thoughts – as if my own aren’t enough.
Crackle and Pop are like the proverbial Devil and Angel on my shoulders, but at this point Pop (Angel) just huffs and relents telling me I’ll probably gonna regret what I’m gonna do but admits I’ll have fun anyway.  Crackle is a shit…. she is the one that’s paranoid and tells me that people are talking about me.  She’s the one who tells me I’ll never get anywhere in life etc.

However they’re all in cahoots at the end if the day.

This isn’t just my conscience or self doubt these voices do talk to me. I hear whispers and laughs occasionally, I’ve heard full conversations but there’s only been me in the house and considering the conversation topic was me, I knew it was them three.

Do they tell me to do things? Yes…. they’re the ones that whisper, when I’m stressed or particularly depressed, to just pick up that razor or piercing needle.  And when I do there is a collective cheer….. but my soul dies  little every time.

Music seems to shut them up…. it’s why I listen to it so much. TV series too – that tends to be why I marathon whole series in one hit. I really get into them and those three stfu for a little while and give me some peace.

..:: just keep swimming ::..

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