Positive Behavioural Qualities

this will be a short blog but….meh…

so as part of my councelling i have some stuff i have to write down and one of them is when i do something which constitutes positive behavioural/personality qualities.  i just sat down with the form and as i looked at it and though stuff through, i realised that i have no idea what to put….

the reason being i do nice stuff, however see that as just being human.  having a sense of respect for people.  i don’t see that as something that i need to write down – it’s just common courtesy to be nice and help when you can.

the form is still blank.  i don’t know what to write in it.  i’ve ALWAYS been taught never to toot your own horn more than is necessary;  it is not becoming, it just makes you seem big headed and/or cocky and i do not ever want to come across that way.  sure there are things i like to be big headed about – but not all the time and once it’s done – it’s done (unless it gets brought up in conversation and then i feel proud and it’s done again) – but i keep being told i HAVE to seem big headed even for “small achievements” but i don’t see them as big steps for me….

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