The Walking Dead Season 1 + 400 Days


OK so i know i am very behind on playing TWD game; but up until recently i wasn’t interested in it.    this WILL contain SPOILERS.  there is your warning.

I finally got my grubby little mitts on it and sat my a$$ down for pretty much 12 hours (give or take an hour or two including bathroom breaks (for me AND my dog), food, sleep etc) and i completed the whole thing.

for those who don’t know TWD is an adaptive game – so depending on the choices you make, depends on how the game plays out.  i fuggin love games like this because it means you can never play the same game twice…. well you can but you have to do everything exactly the same….. where’s the fun in that?

The basic storyline is as follows.  You play “Lee” a character who is, at the offset, on his way to jail for murder.  while on the way to jail the car he is in crashes into a person (turns out to be a “walker”) and he is left to fend for himself when the driver is tossed from the car and killed.  While getting away from a fuck tonne of walkers Lee hops (as much as he can hop with a hurt leg) over a fence and eventually meets Clementine, a very sweet 8 year old girl who’s parents left her with a baby sitter.

click for link to original artwork by Jhony Hebert.
click for link to original artwork by Jhony Hebert.

I won’t go through the whole storyline cuz…. play the damned game already….. but through all this you get rather attached to Lee (and Clementine).  Needless to say this is a VERY BAD THING….NEVER GET ATTACHED.  Clem is fine.  However during the course of trying to find a missing Clem, Lee gets bitten.  At one point you have two choices while left alone with this adorable child who i have grown to love (12 hours is all it took for me to love her…..) Choice A) Shoot Lee.  Choice B) Leave Lee.  No matter which choice, you will emotionally die inside… i cried for a straight hour while i was in the shower TWO DAYS AFTER I HAD FINISHED THE DAMNED GAME because i made my choice and had to live with it…..

Good game, very simple – nothing is “too hard” it’s great for mindless though you do have to take notice of what the hell choices you’re making or you’ll end up doing what i did and saying the “wrong” thing.  Oops.

Controls are a bit of a pain.  Left stick move around, right stick look around/aim.  Premise isn’t that different from games such as Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Halo, CoD, Dead Space, Bioshock….. i could go on…. but I have played games that were easier to control that TWD.  The amount of times i walked into sh*t or ended up shooting someone i wasn’t supposed to (oops again) OR not shoot ANYTHING at all (damnit) was amazing and this inevitably caused me to see the “You Are Dead” screen more than…… 8 times…… it didn’t help that half way through the game (maybe even as late as Chapter 4) the trigger/action button changed from (A) to RT, it woulda been easier for RT to be the trigger the whole time, however the action button stayed as (A).  not helpful.

400 Days is a good buffer between Season 1 and Season 2 (which is now being released i believe?  that’s next on my “gotta get this….” list).  It’s not as “action packed” as Season 1 (it is only an add on pack meant to fill a gap) but it still adds a little something to the storyline;  gaps are filled in, new stories are started etc and in one way or another all the characters you play in 400 Days (yes, multiple…5 to be exact) tie in together.  Am looking forward to Season 2 and what that holds for me.

With everything considered I’d say a definite 6.5/7 out of 10.  It all felt a little too easy – there was no real “Oh my god im gonna die!” and when you did it was like “Uh huh” and as much as i LOVE autosave, that’s ALL this has – there is absolutely NO NEED for you to save stuff yourself because it has checkpoints where the game automatically saves.  call me crazy but i like that every now and again i’ll forget to save and then i’ll have to replay a whole fucking chapter of whatever the hell i’m playing.  for me, that’s half the fun.  it was also too short…. seriously 12 hours if that, and that included 400 Days.  I cannot count how many hours of Fallout 3 and New Vegas i have played, probably into the hundreds by now, if not i’m pretty close to it.  12 hours for a game just doesn’t seem right to me.

Over all pretty good if you just wanna kick back and play something, but dont look for too much substance.  some of it is very predictable and im hoping that’s changed for Season 2.

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