LONG OVERDUE: gig review!

This has taken me freaking FOREVER to get done since my last blog fucking ate it!

i attended an awesome gig at Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge on 8th March the bands were Summer Cities, Trioxin Cherry and Dirt Box Disco.

Now i am relying on my feeble brain and what remains of my eaten review (which i can tell you right now mainly consists of wingdings and boxes…. not happy), so this won’t be as long and padded out as i had hoped ūüė¶ apologies for this in advance.

As always i have videos which i will insert after they have uploaded to my youtube channel!

First band up was Summer Cities [and thank you to bassist Josh Mills who has been pushing me to get this review sorted!] I’ll be honest i hadn’t heard of ANY of the bands playing that night however i was VERY pleasantly surprised as they were all awesome. ¬†Summer Cities reminded me heavily of New Found Glory. ¬†very awesome!

Trioxin Cherry, oh how i love them! ¬†Vocals were a mix of Brian Molko and Beth Ditto; a freaking AWESOME mix! ¬†Fave track would have to be “Baka Manko”, and i will let you head off and Googlewhack what it means *grin*.

Headliner was Dirt box Disco. ¬†well….wow…. what can i say. ¬†Erm…. very different (in a good way) i loved the fact they were all dressed up and genuinely looked like they were having fun. ¬†I got called a smartass by their lead singer who said “we don’t do drugs….just caffeine!” ¬†that’s a drug. ¬†apparently for this i am a smartass… well smartARSE. ¬†some of the songs were offensive but funny. ¬†if you don’t have a sense of humour do NOT check out this band. ¬†i cannot liken them to anyone! ¬†nadda. ¬†i dont think there’s anyone else like them around.

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