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25 April – Voodoo Lounge Review

Once more i invaded the Voodoo Lounge (in Stamford, UK) for another fab night of music!  This time it was a sort of punk rock theme with some ska/reggae influences from one of the bands.  over all a GREAT night and i loved all the bands!

read on to hear more about the bands and see some pictures and videos (all images are from my photography tumblr and videos are from my youtube channel)

ALSO: im REALLY sorry to anyone that my Canon flash blinded.  really need to get a new flash diffuser!

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Kinda dreading tomorrow

I see Olivia again tomorrow and i have done NOTHING, none of my “homework” because i don’t know how to do it.  i have no idea how to “change” my brain’s way of thinking – it’s been hardwired from a very young age.

on another note: my blue badge application has been approved.  i just paid for it.  i renew in 2017.  next up is getting a rascal and a disabled toilet key.  makes life easier.

sorry this is a short one.

That time….. (opening up)

To talk about stuff that nobody likes to talk about.

Along with fibromyalgia, one of the issues is IBBS. irritable bowel and bladder syndrome. Even the smallest amount of stress can set it off and I’ve not exactly been having a good time recently. I’m gonna open up and be frank, because if I didn’t then there would be no point to this blog and I would simply be lying to everyone.

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more weird ass dreams!

once more i will type this as i remember it.  obviously there will be stuff i’ve missed because rarely do you ever remember everything from a dream.  i’ve been meditating to remember more detail, however.

also…. i dream in colour….

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