as i am sat here smoking a cigarette and watching dr phil on my kindle fire (called Mithra for future reference) i am slightly off kilter.  i knew something was wrong last night after i went to the fair, i went on a ride called Terminator 2 and it has A LOT of strobe effects, i had my eyes closed for most of it but apparently it wasn’t enough.  i had an “episode” ** last night and then i had another this morning, that’s two in 12 hours.

[** as a note: we call them episodes because we never really know if they’re seizures or migraines.  different doctors have said different things so we don’t know what they are.  the first time i had an episode was a few years back and it looked like a stroke; the doctor i saw actually said it was entirely possible i had a mini-stroke that time as i had drank copious amounts of alcohol (including; tequila, vodka, jack daniels, jim beam, absinthe and something else that tasted extremely disgusting).  however since then these episodes have continued – they still resemble strokes but now they have a pattern – they usually happen after i’ve been around bright flashing lights or on the laptop far too long.  One doctor said i had Hemiplegic Migraines.]

well as i said i went to the fair last night and had an episode while i was walking home however it wasn’t serious enough (i didnt think) to warrant saying anything to my friends.  the night was awesome and i had a great time.

this morning, my alarm went off and i groaned as i had barely slept (two hours at most) i called Olivia at the resource center to rearrange a meeting and then promptly had another episode…. i get confused, dizzy and disorientated, my left side stops working (face, arm, leg/foot) and i feel EXTREMELY sleepy.  this lasts for roughly 3-to-6 minutes and then slowly it all comes back to full working order.  however i am left hungry as hell, tired and slightly dizzy – this lasts for between two and four hours.

mum rushed home (dad drove her bless him) and called the doc who phoned back and said i should keep my A.M. appointment tomorrow and talk about changing my meds (Pizotifen) and i need to get tinted lenses *beats head off a desk* thought i’d got away from them but NOOOOOO.  was too good to be true.

i’ll update again tomorrow after i’ve seen the doctor.

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