Doctor, Doctor Please….

i saw the doctor this morning, my GP.  she’s lovely.

told her what i could remember about what happens to me and she is concerned.  doesn’t know exactly whats going on but she upped my meds (Pizotifen) again, which confuses me cuz i thought i was already on the highest dose.

last time i saw a neurologist they basically said that my episodes were “physical manifestation of psychological stresses”.  basically it’s all in my head.

tomorrow i will get my tinted lenses; green.  with some luck they should work and if they aren’t dark enough i should be able to get them slightly darker.

if all this doesn’t work (i have to give it four weeks) i have to go back at which time we will thing through other things.  through the fibro group i’ve actually found out that i could have Dissociative Neurological Issues.  basically non-epileptic symptoms resulting in a seizure.  i’ve been on NEAD and some of the symptoms actually look so familiar.

NEA’s (non epileptic attack’s) usually last longer than 2 minutes (mine average 5 or 6 minutes), mouth is often closed (i usually cant open mine), side to side head movement is more common (apparently i slightly shake my head), i usually end up crying during my attacks (which is normal) and i have been known to talk through the attack (which is also common).  as for actual effects, i get dizzy and disorientated, confused, left side of my body goes numb and seemingly paralyzed.  HOWEVER, i also have episodes of time when i blank out and its like im looking in on myself or like im not really “there”.   After these attacks i am dizzy, tired as hell, usually hungry too and it takes a while for my speech and thought to come back to “normal”.

i have two known triggers (there’s possibly more); excessive alcohol consumption and strobe lights/flashing lights.  i’m pretty good at staying away from them, but obviously the flashing lights is hard when i go to gigs and on amusement rides.


needless to say the next weeks/months are gonna be…. interesting.


ALSO: added a WHOLE new category specifically for my neurological updates.  I don’t know if anyone reads these but, it’ll make it easier for you to read them and keep track, if you do.

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