I had a dream….

and it was a doozy… i will type it up as it happened.

i was in the car with my parents.  we were escaping from *something*, i looked around and there was a planet with the looks of our sun (close up not just a ball of light) i asked my dad what it was called and he said “Lazerus” and that that is what we were trying to leave from.

we stopped and helped a couple who had a motorbike accident. i climbed out the car and looked around, sheilding myself from the bright light from Lazerus.  I saw people running and trying to cover themselves, but burning up instead.

i walked on my own too a compound and was met by three large animals (the hell hounds from Chronicles of Riddick) who sniffed me and ran off.  i headed into a room and was told to “immediately remove the uniform” i was wearing as i walk away doing so, a man walks towards me with a 12ga sawed off shotgun. i dump the clothes and am given new clothes when i walk into a dining hall.  i am dressed like Daryl Dixon, complete with crossbow.  i watch as a man strings hair thin razor wire across a door way.  some people walk into it and are sliced into pieces that are then cooked and served to everyone in the queue.  i walk around a large bed and manage to escape from being served. i trip and break a boot heel, so i break them both off so i can keep running.

i walked inside another area and was in a shower room, i was quickly pulled into a cubicle and was naked.  i was told to stay quiet or the goats would hear us.  i stayed where i was and watched as Baphomet walked past. it shoved a hot poker into something that squealed and then disappeared.

we headed out and had to “escape” the compound but only at night as Lazerus would burn us to ashes.  however i could walk in it freely.

we killed strange creatures that resembled the cross between a Fallout 3 Mole Rat and Cthulhu.  we walked down a long road to the top of a building with a pool filled with balls (like ball pit balls) and five men who shot at me, however the bullets didnt hurt me.

i woke up when i heard raptors.

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