WOW well then!  tonight at the always amazing Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge (Stamford, Lincolnshire, England) it was the String Finger album sampler party/gig/fun times. and it really was amazing.

read on for videos and links to pages and such!

First up was Cameltoe who NEVER fail to please – what can i say? their masked faces make me giggle and tracks like Luftwaffe Slapper, Sexual Predator (video below), Transgender Offender and Pussy Song are really freaking catchy.  Crude?  Yes.  however it’s done in such a way that you just CANNOT be offended.  i love how i really cannot liken them to anyone because there is nobody else like them.  PLEASE check them out – they’re awesome.

Second up was Sons of Kal-El and yes that is a Superman reference (sweeeeet).  I’d never heard these guys before but i was very happy.  if you like Nickelback or that style of music PLEASE click that link and watch videos and support them cuz they really are awesome (and lovely too).  OK so don’t be put off by the idea of Nickelback (I know they get a lot of bad press from haters), Sons of Kal-El are really really good!

Finally, the headliner – String Finger and once more i hadn’t heard this band but i had heard OF them and it was all very good.  i can honestly say that everything was true.  I have, NEVER seen a band (except maybe 30 seconds to mars but i AM biased on that one) put so much energy and love into a show.  they all looked like they were have an amazing time, smiles on their faces all through their set.  the crowd fuggin LOVED them and went MENTAL.  I have never see the Voodoo Lounge so packed, there was not much space to move i can tell you that!  Check these guys out, especially if you like Rage Against The Machine and Five Finger Death Punch.

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