more weird ass dreams!

once more i will type this as i remember it.  obviously there will be stuff i’ve missed because rarely do you ever remember everything from a dream.  i’ve been meditating to remember more detail, however.

also…. i dream in colour….

im on a rainbow bus (rainbow colours, lots of carnival beads and such – basically the GAYEST (in the best sense) bus you would ever see).  i’m with the backyard babies, some OAPs and a load of younger people whose faces i recognise but cannot place.

we pull up in a bus station on a cliff and are led to a sanctuary (which is run by a cult).  we’re separated into four groups.  old men, old women, young men, young women.  we’re led off in opposite directions where our stuff is taken from us and we are bathed and clothed in off white robes.  our hair is curled and tied up (the women at least) with pieces of cloth and we are told not to leave the room.

we figure out pretty quickly we need to get the fuck out of there and i look around, recognising that i had been there before and knew what was going to happen.  the women were to be “mated” to produce offspring and then killed.  after telling the women in the room we waited until dark to escape.

on our escape we realised that of the monorail lines (yup, ceiling monorail as well) only the circle was working and the other that took you out of the compound had already been either used or hidden.  i apparently went around the circle line five times before realising this and climbing off.  i immediately grabbed a spear and followed someone out, finding the men however the elderly had all been “sacrificed to the one and only, unholy” (I have no idea wtf this means).

after somehow jimmy rigging the mono rail, roughly fifty of us climb in and head off out the compound.  we are greeted with a large gate at which Shannon Leto is drumming The Battle of One.  to get the get to open i must follow the beats on another set of drums.  somehow i manage this (HAHAHAHAHA) and the gates open.  we climb up a castle wall to the roof where we kill the security guard and climb into a helicopter (still 50 of us) and fly to a landing pad.  We land and climb out on a street where we are arrested, or at least the SWAT team and FBI try to arrest us.  we dodge off and change into disguises before heading back out.  one of the guys (who looks a lot like Trent from Daria) runs passed me and throws his beanie hat at me.  i pull it on and am then asked by two English officers where i got it.  i reply it is mine and they answer sarcastically “yeah, okay” before running off again.

i walk down a road and “Trent” runs back again and grabs his hat, heading for a raft because the street ahead is flooded.  i climb on and start paddling with my arms.  as we round a corner we find that there is a single shark in the water (with a bent fin) and i yell to one of the others “if it gets too close, smack it on the nose”.  i laugh at their reply “I’m not getting my hand that close”.  so we swap as i said i would do it.  it raises it’s head out of the water and it’s actually a dolphin and rather curious, just as we’re about to round another bend my alarm goes off to wake me up.

anyone wanna try and figure out wtf is going on in my head please?!

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