No Night Out + Conch Update

Was supposed to go out Friday night (last night) but after my photoshoot and being naked in the cold (it was a nude shoot) i was so sore and stiff there was just no way i could go.  felt like a total cow letting down my friend Mark.

i’ve been told it was a good night, however.

Went to Worksop today to see Paddy at BodyAlter (above Equilibrium) about my conch and I am really happy and quite relaxed to find out it’s doing fine.  i was worried that there was something wrong, but no *phew*.  i apparently have about 6-8 weeks of weeping/seeping before it starts behaving bit in about 10 days it should be doing 10x better.

tried to change my septum ring but it’s not quite ready yet.  another 2 or 3 weeks and it should be good to go YAY.

once my septum is changed i can get my philtrum pierced (YAY) and then in september time ish, imma get a magnetic implant in my hand!  FUCK YES.

just ordered some dreadlocks, my hair is finally long enough to do that too and when its LONGER i shall actually have my hair properly dreaded cuz i’ve ALWAYS wanted it done 😀

life is doing okay.

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