25 April – Voodoo Lounge Review

Once more i invaded the Voodoo Lounge (in Stamford, UK) for another fab night of music!  This time it was a sort of punk rock theme with some ska/reggae influences from one of the bands.  over all a GREAT night and i loved all the bands!

read on to hear more about the bands and see some pictures and videos (all images are from my photography tumblr and videos are from my youtube channel)

ALSO: im REALLY sorry to anyone that my Canon flash blinded.  really need to get a new flash diffuser!

Colonel McKenzie’s Glorious Truth

Firstly, this is one of my favourite photos from the night, this lady is Claudia McKenzie and she plays bass (she is also awesome).  These guys had heavy rock influences and had my foot tapping and head bopping for their set.  The whole band had an amazing fun energy and really showed they enjoyed what they were doing.  Claudia was bopping around throwing her AMAZING hair all over the place too.

I’m really sorry to say my memory fails me when it comes to song titles but i can remember that they’re currently sorting out their EP and i will keep you posted on that.

Donkey Punch

Now, i THINK i’ve seen these guys before i do recognize the name for sure.  the music is heavy and has chugging beats however unlike MANY punk rock bands these guys don’t do screamo – which is REALLY refreshing.  with the exception of only a handful of bands i do not do screamo.  i like to be able to understand what is being sung or shouted. DP didn’t disappoint and i really enjoyed their set.

I don’t think i need to mention anything about their name, however if you are curious as to what it actually is, i found the definition on urban dictionary.  There’s also a movie and holy crappola it is TERRIBLE.

Destroy DC

Destroy DC do a little bit of everything, including a ska/reggae track (which was awesome) they DO remind me of another band but for the life of me my fibrofog will not let me remember.  however, great set and lovely guys too.

I understand that the band has three members however their bass player was involved in a car accident, he’s fine but he couldn’t make the gig.  Spike and Gav did a great job and had a guest bassist join in for one of their tracks (videoed above).

Our Glorious Demonic Heist

I shall say straight off the bat that i didn’t stay for the full set for these guys as i was absolutely knackered and extremely sore (fibro has been kicking my ass recently) however i will say i was informed by my friend Carl (who was with me for the weekend) that OGDH apparently ripped off the Doctor Who theme…. personally i can see it.  i dunno which track it was that they played that sounded like the theme but there you go.  again heavy rock, good beat, strong vocals.

the only thing i have to say is, the lady vocalist/bassist didn’t look that interested, she looked bored and didn’t give off a fun energy like the other bands on that night.

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