OK so if you’re a regular reader you know i have weird ass dreams last night was a damned doozy!

this is just what i can remember after the fact, i KNOW there’s a lot missing.

firstly…. i was having a heated discussion with my gran about religion.  i’ve never really known her to be religious in any way but she was having a go at me because im Kemetic (Egyptian religion) and don’t believe in him upstairs as the “one true god”.    she then told me there was no way she could continue to accept me unless i accepted god and jesus and the whole thing as truth.

i slapped her and told her if she couldn’t accept me for me then that was fine, she’d never see me again.  i walk out of the family gathering, everyone is gobsmacked and i don’t look back.  i head home, pack my bags and realize scooby is no longer around and we have no doggy anythings in the house so he must have died.  i look around the house and then walk out heading to the train station, i get a one way ticket to Stanstead (SP?) airport and then a one way ticket to…… somewhere.  i don’t see where i’m going.

Next thing is, i’m “there” and im doing something which means i come into contact with drugs, looking around i think it was porn (interesting).  Pete whats-his-face from Babyshambles injects both my arms with heroin and lets me stagger outside where i join in a Glee number; singing and dancing around a large water fountain. i collapse and an ambulance is called…..

i wake up when my phone starts ringing back in the real world.

i dont know wtf any of this means so if you can help translate this lot – great!

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