Cinco De Mayo

i have no clue if i spelled that right but whatev.

what a damned weekend! On Friday i get a call from my mum about twenty to six telling me they would be late home.  actually her first words were “you’re never gonna believe what’s happened….” then her phone lost signal.  induce panic state.  it took another five minutes for her to actually get through and for me to find out they had another car accident (last one was three years ago).  luckily this one wasn’t as bad as the last, some idiot took his eyes off the road and ended up “bumping” into the back end.  bumping hard enough however, to have bent the trunk plating so the trunk wont open and because it’s a three door hatchback (incl the trunk) the trunk is considered an escape and because it can’t be opened then it is not road safe.

there’s cracking around the number plate and if there was enough force to do that then you can’t even begin to think what could have happened to the chassis.   mum n dad are fine (so is the other driver) whiplash and sore shoulders from the belts pulling tight.  we currently have a hire car for the time being.

saturday dad was great and helped me sort out my room which fucked me up for yesterday and the Holistic Fair. not happy.  literally spent the day in bed.  today was chilled and great until mum gets a text from gran telling her she needs a hug.  i pull on clothes and head around after i’ve eaten dinner to find she is a) not on her own as we had thought b) very tearful and c) not talking for herself because Kath kept leaping in with answers.

from what i can tell, i think gran is missing medications or forgetting to take them, she’s around Kath far too much who cannot for one fucking minute stop complaining about what is allegedly wrong with her.  she’s a fucking hypochondriac and needs to stfu.  i am genuinely worried about my gran.

tomorrow i see Olivia at the resource center and then there’s the fibro meeting tomorrow night.  on the upside my newest meds seem to be working okay.  still a bit dizzy, having some hallucinations but nothing terrible and so far nothing during the day.  sleeping is doing alright so YAY.  next i just need to save some money up and go see some friends.

Norway next year.

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