Shadow People

shadow person (also known as a shadow figureshadow being or black mass) is an alleged paranormal entity. It is believed by skeptics to be a type of hallucination where the subject perceives a patch of shadow in their peripheral vision to be a living, humanoid figure. However, paranormal researcher Heidi Hollis has expressed the belief that shadow people are malevolent supernatural entities.

that gets that out the way…. if you do not believe in the paranormal in any way then this is not the post for you.  however, if you are open minded to the possibility, no problems.

So a few days ago (saturday actually) i had the feeling i NEEDED to change my room around.  it’s a relatively small room so it’s not easy to do but….i had to.  for a quick recap of what has happened in my room before read my post on reddit.

after moving my room around that night and the nights following there was a shape, a dark shadow in the corner above my TV, i could just about make out a humanoid figure and two glowing eyes.  knowing that my new meds have been giving me hallucinations, i tried not to think of it but it didn’t disappear.

it’s still there.  i can feel it.

my question is…. how the fuck do i get rid?  i’ve been searching and all i can find is stuff to do with God and whatever but i am not a Christian.  I’m Kemetic (ancient Egyptian beliefs) but i cant find anything to do with that and getting rid of Shadow People.    I’m gonna burn some sage in the corners of my room when i get paid but i don’t know anything else that could help….. sigils maybe? but do i have to draw them up myself cuz i have no freaking clue!


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