Fuck its been a while

I do apologise, I’ve just felt like I’ve had nothing noteworthy to blog and I don’t wanna just ramble?

I also apologise for any spelling errors.  I have a bluetooth keyboard for my kindle and it can’t quite keep up with my typing speed just yet XD.
I also have NO IDEA why this is all in a quote….. seriously…..wtf…..

SO what has been going on?  I’ve seen Olivia this week and she’s really happy with my progress.  It really good that I’m not having to consciously think about how I am reacting to something and then change my thinking, it’s happening on a more automatic basis now which is great because it means I’m not so mentally fatigued and it’s making my life much easier.  I’m less stressed on the whole so I’m finding it easier to deal with shit that happens.  I’m also not so nervous about randomly talking to people…. 

I tend to talk to people with dogs.  Having a dog myself I kinda just gravitate towards people with dogs and this week I met a lovely couple who had the most gorgeous jack Russell (I think) puppy.  Literally only just old enough to leave mama and I got to hold it and fuss it aaaaand it chewed on my finger which, surprisingly, hurt less than when scooby does that and his teeth are blunt (maybe that’s why?)

I think I talk to them because you’ve got to be a specific kinda person to have a dog? And an even more specific kinda person to stand and talk to some random woman with purple/pink/blue hair that’s cooing over said dog.  90% of owners are lovely and will happily stand and chat to me and will either ignore the fact I’m cooing over their dog or will just take it in their stride.  The other 10% seem to think I’m speshul and eat crayons in my spare time.  That’s fine.  I can play up to that 😀 mwuahaha

My pregabalin seem to be doing their job pretty well.  I’m not so much in pain any more, I’m still dizzy though and yes, still hallucinating.  The other night, around 3am, I opened my eyes to see flounder (from the little mermaid) swimming around my room.  I giggled and said “I found Nemo!” Before closing my eyes and falling back to sleep.

WHAT THE F%$!???? I FOUND NEMO?? Seriously? Jesus shit they aren’t even the same species of fish.

On the up side, the shadow person hasn’t got any closer to me.  It seems to be staying in the corner and leaving me alone.  I’m sleeping better, which is great. Its a start. 


o now hot enough in my room for me to need TWO FANS. I have a little USB thing which is actually quite strong and I have my desk fan as well.  And my window open.  Don’t suppose it helps that under my bedroom floor is all the hot water pipes?

Tomorrow I get tattooed.  Hopefully my phoenix will be completed.  Two years in the making.  Then when that’s complete I want my key doing on my sternum : I ADORE unforgiven II by Metallica.  That song has always spoken to me especially the line “I take this key and I bury it in you, because you’re unforgiven too.” I wanted the quote but there isn’t enough space so instead I am doing to have a simple key with a red ribbon in the same spot where, in the video, a guy puts his hand through a woman from the back and as he pulls it back through (during that line I quoted) shows a key, which he leaves inside her.  Random I know.  Theeeeeen I want my “Crazy Diamond” tattoo. Other than the words “Crazy Diamond” i Really don’t know what I want with it, however its going on my “LSD Trip” themed thigh so I’ve told adi (friend and tattooist) that I’m pretty open to any ideas he has.  He knows me pretty well (known him for……21 years?) So I trust him completely.  Cannot wait to see what he comes up with.

I’m also gonna add a page to my blog (when on laptop) which is my bucket list.  I’m only 28 but I want to get it all written down, add stuff as I discover things I wanna do and then I have the next gods know how long to work through it and you can all see what I get through.

  I’m really interested to know the top five things you want to do before you die.  Tweet me @Trig6277 ooorr email me frankie6277@hotmail.co.uk or reply to this blog post!

Again I’m really sorry for the fact its in a huge ass quote. I dunno wtf my kindle has done and I can’t seem to unquote it!!  #fuckintechnology

Toodles for now!!

P.S. I almost forgot!!  I got myself a shopping trolly thing today, the things you pull behind you? Canvas bag on wheels?  Yeah OMG makes my life so much fucking easier.  Why didn’t I do this sooner?!

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