So I’ve been going to CBT for a while now, at last two months – probably longer and I’ve been working through my modules (yup I get homework) I can really see how my thinking has changed.

There are hypothetical scenarios in the modules and I genuinely , when I started them, used to get anxiety attacks just THINKING about these things happening to me, but now I can see the funny side of the scenarios and have a laugh.  My reactions are much more laid back now and not so anxiety driven.

I think I’ve misplaced a module though. I have modules 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6. I see Olivia next week so I’ll see if I can get it then.

My tattoo is healing up really well.  It didn’t scab up at all and is now shedding skin.  Yummy.  Feel like a fucking snake.  My conch is 50/50. The front is doing okay but the back is still all euww so I’ve started taking the o ring off and cleaning under it to try and sort it out.  I need to get a longer piece of jewellery for it which I will deal with tomorrow.


This is me.  I love my kindle tab.  Its camera is not that bad.  I’ll try and add a picture to each post I send from my kindle

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