Damnit to hell

Yesteday was my grans 79th birthday.  Today her long lost son (if you’be seen a uk programme called “long lost families” she was on there – her name is elsie brockbank) and his wife came to see her.  They’re a lovely couple, I won’t deny that, I just think we all need to get to know each other better.

Well I went round and the conversation got to aches and pains etc.  I said mine weren’t so bad since I got my new memory foam mattress.  Kath piped up with “Well just wait till you’re our age an everything will hurt.”

Erm…. excuse me (Kath is grans bff) did you miss the part about my chronic pain illnesses? I refreshed her memory about fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis.  Triple threat.  NEWS FLASH: I ALREADY HURT ALL THE TIME and the fact everyone just brushed over what I had said really pisses me off.

Just wanna say RIP to my cousin Alan, who 9 years ago today took his own life.  Never forgotten you.

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