Dream On

Wow so, now i can blog from my phone!! Perfect!!!

so last night/this morning, i had a confusing dream. it involved Zombies. I’ll try and type up what i remember in order.

i was fighting zombies with a group of people and i helped save a boy by checking his eyes and getting him through a door before barring it. We were now in a garden center and looking around to secure it. As we were sat making a fire, the boy took off his shoes and winced. I looked down and gasped seeing only four toes on each foot. He explained it was “neccesary” so he could run faster and proceeded to show us how and why.

as we walked around the center we came across a train that still worked. We all hauled ass and got on it, setting off.

we had been travelling a while when we discovered we were not alone and we were going through gateways into a compound. We slowed and without stopping a man said “that boy has man cancer and must be removed for you to pass”. The boy (who i saved) looks at me and nods, giving himself up so we could pass. A man grabs the boy and wraps him in clingfilm before carrying him off.

the train continues and we are on a rollercoaster track. We end up flying off the track but landing on another piece of track and coming to a stop.

we get off the train and i shoot a zombie nine times before they die and then get told that I’m under arrest for killing a pet….

i blink and open my eyes finding myself in a bedroom. I look out the window and see a Jason Vorhees Zombie. I wake up when my phone rings.


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