Medicate me!!!

Just a quick blog before i go to bed.

i saw a pain doctor on Wednesday and he was very nice. He put my pain meds up from 350mg a day to 600mg a day.

fine. Except today (Friday the 13th!) i had a terrible episode. Dizzy, disorientated, confused, couldn’t walk and i was hallucinating. My world looked like the painting “the persistence of memory” by Salvador Dali. Not even joking. Everything was melting, the walls were bulging in, the floor was in waves and mu damned phone looked as though it was folding in half…. Yeah had a fab day. O___o

on the up side to everything i have a new photoshoot Monday. Pain clinic Tuesday and then in meeting Jamie for a date 🙂 i cant wait.

for now, g’night.

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