June 21st 2014 GIG REVIEW


i am ridiculously sorry for not being able to upload pictures and videos from the gig.  if you keep up with my twitter you’ll know i still have major laptop issues and how i even managed to get it to boot up but here we are.  click after the break to read the review of the gig!  

again im sorry to all bands for how late this is and i didnt get many GREAT pictures because i’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with the flash on my camera.


We Few Hollowmen
Death Valley Piledriver
Evil Scarecrow.

right then, let’s get started… and as always i am pretty damned blunt about my opinions/views!

We Few Hollowmen

Hmm…. there is no easy way to say this.  WOW they sucked.  OK, so maybe this is just because i don’t do growling music where the…..vocalist…. sounds like a warthog in distress.  i digress, the music was actually pretty freaking good, i enjoyed that.  what i did not enjoy was one of the guitar players jumping around near my camera and tripod and very nearly knocking it over.  the “mitch lucker stomp” or whatever it is, just makes you all look like you’re trying to….stamp out a bug and jumping around in mid air with your musical instruments doesnt make you flashy or put on a good show it just makes you a danger to everyone around.  i would like to take this time to say you’re fucking lucky you didnt hit my camera/tripod because it would have been taking pictures of your colon.  now i have no idea what any of the song titles are nor what the lyrics were because to me it just sounded like grunts and snorts….here, have a video.  no, there’s nothing wrong with the sound on it….


Death Valley Piledriver

AAAAH now these guys…. these guys always put on a great show!  i haven’t seen them very many times – i think three times however they never fail to put on a fantastic set.  i just wanna point out this pic looks like Riktor is thinking “fuck, i invite a fan on stage to sing and shit… he’s stealing my job”.  Seriously though – no the set was fantastic as always, they captured the audience’s interest and held it.  The music is well played and the vocals are just that, vocals.  Even when some growling or screaming kicks in, i can still understand every word.


Evil Scarecrow

on to the headliners and this is only the second time i’ve seen them, however i do not have a bad word to say (although perhaps that they didnt play the final countdown…. gits….).  These guys (and gal) pull in audience participation with catchy lyrics to songs that in general would make NO SENSE (Crabulon, Godzilla’s Lament) but they work somehow, especially with their stage presence and obvious sense of humour.  Kraven Moordeth – you look like such a majestic fuck in this picture.

without further adoooo….. i acually filmed the entire set of these guys….  (in four videos….) enjoy…

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