Health update

Heeeey so its that time when I update people on my health.

Some of this may be TMI but I’ll put that at the end so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want too.  I’m currently sat playing “how did I get those bruises?”  Have two on my thigh…. o___O I don’t remember doing anything to get them.

OK so here goes.  I’m now on the highest dose of pregabalin (pain killer) which is doing the trick, pain is minimal.  However there is always side effects and mine are doozies.  Firstly, I have very little hand eye coordination.  Even typing this is being an issue – I have lots of red squiggly lines that I shall deal with after I’ve finished the post.
This morning I fell….. well slipped….. down the bottom four stairs in my house, while sat giggling (cuz I felt like I doofus) I could SWEAR BLIND that scooby had red eyes and horns. Yup hallucinations are now happening during the day and they’re pretty much just happening.  At 3am I got up to go pee and there was grass on my floor, like a full carpet of grass….. WTF?
I’m easily confused, like really badly.  I forget words – I know what I want to say but I just can’t SAY IT.  Fuck.  So I’m gonna see the doc next week and see what she says.

On to the TMI part…..

I had a pelvic ultrasound today.  It was an internal ultrasound.  Uterus is fine, left ovary is fine.  Right ovary is slightly enlarged and has more fibres showing so there is a possibility that I have a polycystic ovary.  Or it could just be an enlarged ovary.  Both can cause the issues I have been having.  Right now I don’t know what happens. The lady is gonna send her report to my doctor and then we go from there.  It was really awesome seeing my uterus, tubes and ovaries. We did have a giggle cuz the lady was like “let’s play; hunt the ovary!” 

I’m a little sore now, which is to be expected really. When I know more – I will post.

The choir have been relatively quiet, which is kinda worrying cuz it seems like the quiet before the storm.  Makes me wonder what the fuck they’re gonna do.  

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