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Well Then….. (Health Update)

I’m sorry it’s been so long since an update, i’ve actually had a fair amount to process. and the following may include bits that are TMI so i’ll put it under a cut 😀

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Health Update

will categorise later cuz my phone wont let me.

I saw my doctor earlier and it boils down to two things. I have a single polycystic ovary (the right one lol) and i am also pre diabetic.

I have to make man changes which, with my fibromyalgia will not be easy. Cutting out the crap food is easy enough, but the exercise will not be as easy as it sounds.

in other news I also may need to have my pinky toes pinned.

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I am so fkn done

I went to the bank today to talk about an overdraft.  Long story short it was turned down because I’ve already been overdrawn on a basic bank account.

As it stands, my “business” is doing shit and I have no way of getting a “normal” 9-5 because of my fibromyalgia making that impossible…. i’d drop everything, if I could even lift it in the first place…. I couldn’t be on my feet all day, or my ass, I can’t do office work because a) id be sat down b) i’d be sat staring at a screen all day (HELLOOOO SIEZURES) and c) I’m dyslexic! I’ve already been told I can’t do computer work or till work.  I absolutely HATE talking to people so customer service iS A NO GO!!

I am out of options.

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7/7 tube 🚇 bombings

I was reading a blog post about near misses and it made me realise I never actually said (in “public”) about my own.

the 7/7 tube bombings. That morning I was supposed to go to London, I’d get in to Kings Cross and then would have taken Victoria line….. See where I’m going?

id had a terrible night, and texted my friend saying I really couldn’t. I felt terrible about cancelling but felt better about it when she said she was about to tell me the same thing.

we both woke up a few hours later to the news. I went pale and actually started shaking. If all had gone to plan, I would have been on that train at that time.

I got a call from my friend who had realised the same thing and we sat sobbing on the phone to each other.

someone somewhere was watching over both of us that day.