Well Then….. (Health Update)

I’m sorry it’s been so long since an update, i’ve actually had a fair amount to process. and the following may include bits that are TMI so i’ll put it under a cut 😀

it is confirmed that i have a single polycystic ovary (which my friend Fallen refers to as being a plastic ovary).  the left one is fine, normal size and normal fibers while the right one was larger by about a quarter and had more many more fibers than the left.  there’s other issues too including severely heavy periods (like passing chopped liver), PAINFUL periods (i would spend three weeks curled up, unable to move.  and yes this was at school so i had to take a lot of time off), long periods (longest of mine was 7 weeks), *ahem* discharge from the lady area (which i was tested for EVERYTHING and nothing came back as a problem), dark hair in places i don’t want it, bad skin etc etc.

Also, due to various factors that include extreme tiredness, the need for sugar intake, excessive weight gain (I’m now 16 stone – 224lbs!!!!!), bad nails (mainly my toes), skin and hair problems….. i have been told i am pre-diabetic.  this means i need to make a change NOW before i AM diabetic – so i am on a diet. MUCH FUN. though i have found that it doesn’t mean bland food and boring.  i’m actually quite enjoying my diet and i can still have the odd treat.

i’m being referred to a podiatrist for my nails (again) my pinky nails havent grown back and i keep getting dry skin that cracks and peels no matter what i do.  it bleeds a lot too.  my fingers are the same.  around the nail and cuticle the skin cracks, splits and bleeds. it’s very owie.

for both these issues i have been put on new medication; Metformin.  off the top of my head i can’t remember the dosage in mg but it’s only one a day till tomorrow then two a day.

everyone is now telling me i MUST stop smoking, i MUST exercise more (sure with fibromyalgia that should be a lot of fun), MUST cut out ALL sugar (no). but the main one is stop smoking.  that’s a no.  not yet. i will when i’m ready.  i’m not yet.



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