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teeth.  we all have our hangups about our teeth and if you personally don’t have a hang up about your teeth, no matter how inconsequential it is……then i am ridiculously jealous of you.

when i was born i was a forceps baby and they lay across my mouth and due to that i had issues with my teeth being crooked.  when i was older (about 5 or 6 i think) i tripped and fell, my top teeth went through my lower lip.  all the way through.  since then my teeth have been slightly more yellow.  or at least  four teeth have been slightly more yellow.

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Vegas is amazing

I am sat in the circus circus hotel. It has an amazing view and the whole place is stunning.

Last night I saw 30 seconds to Mars and it was easily the best night of my life.  I have never felt so at home around so many people I’ve never met before. I jumped and sang and cried.  I lost my voice. I went into a fibro crisis and I’m still having issues but my gods it was worth it.


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Town with grannys is always fun…..not

You’d think going to town with your grannys would be fun but I’ve found my actual gran has become such a judgemental bitch since knowing Kath (who I refer to as my gran too).

They judge everyone for any little thing. Gran told me today that I should always wear tights with a skirt and after I’ve been to Vegas I should start losing weight….for my health of course.  Which is bullshit. 

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Favourite Star Trek Captain

i still wanna know WHY you pick whomever you pick!

I’m alive (+ personal grooming, pain cycle & Star Trek)

i know i’ve been quiet for a little while and i do apologize for that and so here is a rant/update/thing and i’m just gonna let my brain wander as i type!  so this is just kinda like a brain fart…..

i’ve noticed something over the years since being diagnosed (and even before my diagnosis) that there comes a point in your pain cycle (i’ll explain that in a moment) when you just cannot be bothered to even bathe yourself.  i had to literally make myself scrub my face today (i have a routine usually but…..) just so i can maybe wear make up tomorrow to cover up the break out of face demons i am currently trying to exorcise.   Other than that however, having a shower or a bath is such hard work….. i have a shower IN a bath, it’s a two in one.  so even if i just want a shower i have to climb in and out and use the basin to steady myself….

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