Town with grannys is always fun…..not

You’d think going to town with your grannys would be fun but I’ve found my actual gran has become such a judgemental bitch since knowing Kath (who I refer to as my gran too).

They judge everyone for any little thing. Gran told me today that I should always wear tights with a skirt and after I’ve been to Vegas I should start losing weight….for my health of course.  Which is bullshit. 

Since I put on weight her whole attitude to me has changed and I really have no idea why.  Today I actually figured out why SHE has put on so much weight.  Its not cuz she stopped smoking its cuz once a week (every week) they have lunch in town.  She as a cheese toastie with salad and pickle.  Then an hour later she’s have chocolate ecclairs or whatever (and I mean like not small ones) and then twice a week she’ll have take out.  She (and Kath) are constantly eating!

And don’t even get me started on Kath’s health issues.  Jesus H Christ. Seems like every week something is wrong or still wrong.  Today she and Gran tried to tell me at two medications (which are actually the same just not the same name) were totally different.  I’ve been on both and they ARE the same.  I’ve checked.  The ingredients are just in a different order. And then “Solpadol” doesn’t have codiene in it…..yes it does.  Its cocodamol by a different name. I know this cuz I’ve been on it long enough.  OH and Tramadol and Tramaset (or Tramacet) are the same. No they’re not, tramadol is stronger.  But apparently I don’t know shit even though I do my fucking research into meds…..because I’m on them so much.

I see my doctor tomorrow.  Need a letter from her about my medical conditions and the meds I take for them, need a new epipen and inhaler and possibly some new antidepressants.  Have self harmed and felt very low recently though I put on a smile for everyone around. I need to resort this and quickly.  Don’t want to get in to self harming again.  Hello elastic band around wrist.

Think I’m pretty much sorted for Vegas on Friday. Need to pack, which I will do tonight after I have eaten. Got hair dye on my head currently; pink over red.

After vegas, I will get my lip fixed so I no longer have a crater in it and my phone sorted (not in that order). Quite excited about everything really.

Okay I’ll try and blog from vegas but I’m not 100% on that. Depends on cost and if I can get wifi.

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