Vegas is amazing

I am sat in the circus circus hotel. It has an amazing view and the whole place is stunning.

Last night I saw 30 seconds to Mars and it was easily the best night of my life.  I have never felt so at home around so many people I’ve never met before. I jumped and sang and cried.  I lost my voice. I went into a fibro crisis and I’m still having issues but my gods it was worth it.


Sadly Shannon wasn’t at the meet and greet because he had/has stomach flu. Briefly met him before the gig though and the lady he was with (who I assume is his girlfriend) was lovely too. Very sweet and friendly and obviously makes Shannon happy so therefore I am happy.

The gig itself was just amazing. Open air. There was a DJ before the gig; DJ Cricket.  Check her out Cuz she’s fab, obviously having fun doing her thing and gets the crowd going.

Shannon may have been unwell but daaamn that man can fucking drum. This was the first time I was able to watch him and just….wow. Jared was his usual dorky self and kept the crowd wrapped around his little finger. He sassed us and even twerked, called himself a narcissist because he couldn’t help looking at himself on the big screen.   He said this was the last USA date of the tour and they’re gonna start work on a new album 😀 this excites me greatly.


Sadly the concert ended sooner than we wanted as there was a storm and that doesn’t quite mix with being on a stage. It did rain and everyone was like “It’s really pouring” and I’m looking around like “dude this is a spring shower in the UK…..” I walked back (with amanda) to the hotel in the rain which was sooooo amazing, got to see the fountains outside the Bellagio and I’ve always wanted to see them so…


It’s now Sunday,  16.16pm and I’m chilling in the hotel. Amanda is having a nap and I’m watching forensic files.

I fly back tomorrow at 6.55pm USA time and I get home at 4.30 pm UK time on Tuesday.  I’ll blog when I’m back!


OH I also got a tattoo while I was here.


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