My MARS M&G experience

I’ll start off my saying if you don’t want honesty then don’t read this because I know there’s a bit of this few people will agree with.

I saw MARS in Las Vegas on sept 20th. It was amazing and everything I hoped it would be.


Shannon wasn’t well (met him before the m&g/gig) so he wasn’t at the m&g. His girlfriend was with him and a complete sweetheart. All I am interested in is that she makes him happy. Other than that it’s none of mine or anyone of our business.

Also briefly met Jared before the m&g/gig sadly no pictures….. He did say it was Cuz there was “too many people around” and he’d “never get finished”. There was 8 of us. Nobody else was taking any notice. I’ve seen other posts about similar and I’ve come to the conclusion he prefers to do them at the m&g unless he has no choice.

The m&g was good. It was fun and laid back though the signing and pics was like a production line. In. Sign. Out. In. Pic.  Out.

During the m&g I did notice that Jared did most if not all the answering while tomo just laughed at certain comments and they both took more notice of those who had been to more than one m&g and kids.  And by more than one I mean more than three. Jared was more impressed by those who had been to more than one gig on the tour (like carnivores tour) and wasn’t “impressed” (not the word but I can think of the actual word I want)  by those who had done a lot of travelling to be at the gig (me, a Russian chick etc). It was like we weren’t being given credit for doing so much travel to get to that one gig. It did feel like favouritism. 

I was less than impressed by one answer Jared gave when asked if they would do a charity line. He said “I did it’s called the book of Haiti. .. go buy it!” And when the girl replied about clothing and something more affordable he basically shut her down. I actually agree with her. I’d love for them to do a full merch line with another charity that’s more affordable. Many of us can’t afford the $100 for a book of pictures (to be blunt). I understand he wants to help but if things were more affordable more people would buy them.

Anyway. That’s just my experience.  Make of it what you will. You don’t have to like or agree.

3 thoughts on “My MARS M&G experience

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