teeth.  we all have our hangups about our teeth and if you personally don’t have a hang up about your teeth, no matter how inconsequential it is……then i am ridiculously jealous of you.

when i was born i was a forceps baby and they lay across my mouth and due to that i had issues with my teeth being crooked.  when i was older (about 5 or 6 i think) i tripped and fell, my top teeth went through my lower lip.  all the way through.  since then my teeth have been slightly more yellow.  or at least  four teeth have been slightly more yellow.

this isn’t through lack of cleaning either.  since i had braces at 15 till i was 18, i have brushed my teeth religiously. i even use pearl drops and a smokers toothpaste to try and whiten them but as yet i don’t see a difference.

truth be told they never really bothered me until very recently.  and by that i mean when i met MARS.  i look at my M&G picture and all i can see is those yellowed teeth and it’s really getting to me.  so much so i have just got myself a teeth whitening kit complete with LED light to whiten them more.  i don’t want them to glow under UV light – insert mental image of Ross from friends with bleached white teeth here –

ross teeth

yeah, i don’t have a black light and i rarely go anywhere where there is a black light so i THINK i’ll be fine.  though if it does happen i will be sure to get pictures so we can all have a good laugh over them!!!

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