this will be one of those tmi posts…. i’ll put it under a cut through for those who really wanna read it.

i dont know if ive mentioned this in previous posts but i have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and i have been very lucky up to this point, given them ive had this most of my life.  i used to have terrible spots on my back (euww) and have suffered with my hormones and skin since puberty.

i literally have to shave my legs every other day.  sometimes every day because my god it grows so fucking fast and dark.  same for under arms.  i shave my arms because the hair may be light but its very thick.

today i was horrified to find i had to epilate my upper lip! horrified because i hadnt realised till now!!

next time i’ll wax it cuz that will get it done quicker and with less hassle.  im actually out tonight and slightly panicky as i have cystic acne on my neck and it looks like chicken pox but it doesnt itch so….its not.  that and ive had chicken pox already. the only thing i can do it cover it in make up…. which is TOTALLY gonna help.


needless to say im just having a GREAT time.  though my anti depressants are working pretty well and im feeling very positive which is a real start.  though my new ones knock me out at night, im usually asleep within half an hour of taking them.  at least im sleeping.

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