Pat McManus Review

Live at Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge.
16th October 2014.
No support act (not needed with these guys).


Well this is the second time i’ve seen Pat and i think they got better! is that even possible?

A little history for you before my review.

Pat McManus was originally in Mama’s Boys with John McManus (1978 – 1993), Tommy McManus (1978-1993) (B: 1966. D: 1994), Rick Chase, Keith Murrell, Mike Wilson (1990-1992), Alan Williams  (1989 – 1993) and Jimmy DeGrasso (1985-1986). The band was an 80’s hard rock/heavy metal band from County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland.  The band was originally the three McManus brothers and then grew to a four piece adding Rick (Chase) on vocals in 1985 who was then replaced by Keith Murrell in 1987  due to Rick’s ill health.  Keith was replaced by Mike in 1989.

Pat now has his own band with Marty McDermot (Bass) and Paul Faloon (Drums) called The Pat McManus Band.

You can read more about Mama’s Boys here.

On to the review.  i do have a set list however its currently down stairs and my fibromyalgia is kicking my ass because i over did myself at the gig… its staying downstairs and im gonna just write…

Watching Pat, Martyn and Paul you can really see on their faces the passion they put in to the music at their shows.  They don’t take themselves too seriously and have fun on the stage.  They pull the audience in to the shows and get them singing certain bars of the songs.

The music itself is old school heavy rock; styled from the days when the songs were long, didn’t always need lyrics (and when they did they had so much meaning) and the soul is visibly put into performing it.  a few that i do remember are Belfast Boy, Sex and Cold. They also did a fantastic Gary Moore cover (though the original piece of music was not by Gary Moore originally and don’t ask who originally did it cuz i’m f*cked if i can remember) and my personal favourit a ZZ Top Cover (La Grange). i freaking love ZZ Top so hearing them do a cover was amazing.  Pat has the perfect voice for ZZ Top; filled with gravel and deep so he really did the track justice.

over all the gig was amazing; i do have videos and im uploading to YT as i type so i shall put one of them in after it’s uploaded.

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