Scarab dreams

Okay so ill keep this as brief as possible. 
I just woke up from the weirdest dream and I don’t even know where to start.  I’ll type it as I remember bits.

There was a box with a split scarab on it. To open the box fully you had to push the two parts together, but you have to make a sacrifice of some sort to get the parts to push together.

I didn’t try because there was no word of what kind of sacrifice and without knowing I wasn’t going to risk it.

I remember going to a huge market and there was yet another scarab box. Again with the unknown sacrifice so no trying however there was someone there who knew all about it and for a price would tell me. I was about to pay when I turned my head to see a large man heading for me at speed… I was instantly scared and started running. I got stuck and threw a knife at him to which he threw up on me.

I wake up in a room full of wood and I move out the door, hiding as I go because the man is still there. I find someone else and I tell him to hide quickly because it’s not safe so… He runs around the corner and in to the man who proceeds to rip his neck open and eat him.

I stayed put and freeze As a girl walks passed me. She turns, her face covered in blood and smiles as me… she asks me to come back with her and I oblige out of fear.

She opens the door to find her “maker” and a woman stood waiting. I tell the girl that it was lovely baby sitting her again and then turn to her “father” apologising for the “strawberry jam”. They let me leave and I walk in to a scene of carnage. Blood everywhere and raining fire

The woman who knows about the scarab runs up to me and pants “….its a sacrifice of the heart!” And runs off.

I woke up.

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