I’m ready to blow…

So I have neglected the blog for a while and I do apologise for that.  I have had good reason and that reason is that I was visiting my lovely girlfriend in Banbury.  I had a fantastic week and I was so sad to leave.  I didn’t even make it to the train before I was crying.  I’m now looking forward to around new year when I get to see her again.

Moving on and I’m pretty fucking angry at my gran.  Especially today. Its not secret I’m a larger girl. I am plus size and I think I’m gonna have another food baby. Its due any day now.

Well my gran today tapped my damned stomach and said “so that’s where its all going”. Then proceeded to give me disgusted looks during the whole of lunch. How fucking dare she?   I’m not gonna lose weight just because she doesn’t like it and I’m not gonna stop enjoying my food…. I’m from a italian family and I have always enjoyed my food.  Sometimes I over indulge but it balances out.

She should know this because she herself is the italian side. She has always enjoyed food but recently she’s cut way back (good for her) she’s become a food nazi though. But she won’t pass any comment around mum cuz she’d be told very quick.

Euch…… I miss Vicky.

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