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Go Fund Me

Hey everyone. 

I’ve been doing some research and sadly the NHS will not supply me with a walking frame that’s fit for purpose.  They’ll only help me with one that is for indoor use only which is no freaking help for me.

They also want their crutches back,  which is sort of fine because they’re two or so inches too short and im usually twisted off to one side using them.

So…. I made a GoFundMe page so I can raise some cash to get myself a decent walking frame that’s gonna last and a set of custom crutches that are long enough for my height.

It’s amazing how the NHS are all about helping until you desperately need that help,  then suddenly you’re too you and they have no money.  Though they were happy to supply me with a fucking wheelchair.  No.  I want to keep my independence as long as I can.

So here’s the important bit.  I’m aiming to raise £200, it’s enough for me to get what I need.  I don’t want to be greedy.

The link is if you cant give that’s fine,  all I ask is for you to share my story by sharing the link.

For the newcomers to my blog; I am 29 in March and have a chronic pain condition called fibromyalgia.  I also have arthritis.   Due to both these illnesses I’m stuck in the house without walking aids and I want to be able to get out and about.  I like my independence very much.  

The NHS claim I am too young to get the mobility help I need so I have to buy it all myself.  My parents are doing the best they can but we just can’t afford to get what I need.  

I really hate having to ask for help from people I don’t even know irl but right now,  I have no choice.   Without my crutches I’m stuck and they aren’t very stable if my head spins and I feel faint so for long haul I need my frame.    The one I’m looking at folds up,  has four wheels,  a seat that lifts to reveal a storage compartment and has brakes too.  I’ll try and insert a pic but I’m doing this from my phone so it may not work haha.

I really appreciate whatever help you guys can give me.  I’m gonna do a vlog later today to hit my YouTube followers.

Again the link is

Thank you.


Happy New Year

It’s been a while since I posted,  almost a month,  so I thought I should make my first post of the new year.

My new year wasn’t too bad.  Snap made a cameo appearance but he didn’t last long.  Crackle and pop beat him senseless and hog tied him so I ended up giggling alot.  Alot.  It did help that I got a liiiiiitle bit drunk.  I don’t do it often and it was pretty nice to just… Let go again and forget about the meds and the pain and everything else.  I had a fab laugh with my mum and dad who ended up giggling at me.

2014 wasn’t a bad to me.  Though we didn’t break up till March,  I think February marked the end of my last relationship. I don’t remember much of that day except mum and dad cane home to find me drinking and crying. Luckily I still have her as a friend.  A week after the break up I finally got a conch punch which I’d wanted for two years and was pleasantly surprised to find it NOT THAT BAD.  In fact my septum hurt more….  Which I got the same day.  April,  may and June passed me by in a blur and in July…  The 22nd to be exact…  I started a new relationship with my girlfriend who I’d had feelings for,  for longer than I had admitted. 

August and September marked the start of my weight gain.  I had my first official date with my girlfriend over August Bank holiday. September we said our first “I love you”  in the form of “Rawr!”  It’s now our thing.  October was awesome cuz i spent Halloween with V and had a great time.  I let loose and drank alot,  had such a great time and found out hangovers do not exist for me, still. 

I cant remember of anything if note happened in November.  I really can’t.  December seems to have passed so fucking fast.  It flew by and im amazed at how fast this year has gone.  The older I get,  the faster it goes. 

Oh and I’ve been asked alot which sex I prefer.  I don’t really have a preference… I am an equal opportunity pervert.  However,  that said.  I think I do actually prefer women.  (sorry guys but alot of you have been ass holes only after one thing.  NOT ALL.  I repeat NOT ALL.  I’ve just had bad experiences and they’ve stuck with me.)

So….  Hello 2015. I hope you’re good to all of us.  I don’t make resolutions ever.  However I do have some goals I want to achieve.  What about you?  Do any of you have resolutions or goals for this year?