Monthly Archives: February 2015

Update and…..The dress….

Ok so a quick update. 

My Gran was taken into hospital last night (midnight) with a chest infection, she’s been having episodes where she couldn’t breathe only she hadn’t told us.  She’s on IV anti biotics and in over night tonight. 

Then we get back at like 7 am to a phone call from nanna saying grandad has collapsed again.

He’s been having episodes where he blacks out. He’s fine, dad is at hospital switching between gran and his dad While mum is  sat with nanna Cuz she’s disabled.  To the best of my knowledge they’re just waiting on grandad being discharged back into the car of his GP and awaiting possibly further tests. 

I’ve had four hours sleep which is four hours more than mum and dad have had in 32 hours.   

……..And my entire time line (mostly) is talking about a god damned dress!? It pisses me off more than it should….but seriously if the people debating the colour of a dress were putting that time and energy into solving global warming, world peace,  famine, war, pestilence,  deforestation,  animals going extinct…. We’d be in a much better world. But oh no…. The over exposed picture of an ugly dress is more important.