Quick rant

So this is literally just a rant. I need to just get it out.

So after 5 weeks of no ESA I called them up to find out just what the fuck was going on.  Turns out that my claim is to be closed as I am working “full time” (errrr scuse  me?) And I cannot claim and work. I explained I work part time only and the job centre were fully aware of this.  However the douche  on the phone told me they “obviously haven’t been reading the notes”. I was sent a letter five weeks ago (nope) and because it’s been five weeks since they “notified” me…. I CANNOT APPEAL. I asked where he got the full time work from and he stated “im not at liberty to share that.” IT’S MY FUCKING CLAIM AND YOU CANT TELL ME THAT SOME BASTARD WITH NOTHING BETTER  TO DO TURNED ME IN FOR SHIT IM NOT DOING!? I am FURIOUS!

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