It has been a long time since my last update and I’ve had to wait to post anything.

So read on if you’re interested.

So the last Friday of feb this year my gran (mum’s mum),  her best friend and my grandad (my dad’s dad) were all hospitalised.  My gran had not only a chronic chest infection but also pneumonia. She was in hospital for a week then she discharged herself because she was quarantined and on her own due to having diarrhea.  Once she got home that cleared up.  I stayed with her for four days and it was actually quite nice.  We bonded which was very nice. 

Kath (grans bff) had three epileptic siezures in 24 hours.  She was in two days then released. 

Grandad is still in hospital.  He’s doing fine,  just bored of waiting to be transferred to Papworth hospital and have open heart surgery.  He wants to get it over with and done then start getting better.  He’s a strong man (at almost 88) so I’m pretty sure he’s gonna have no problem getting better.  However that doesn’t stop us all being very stressed.

My tax credits have been cut from £110 a week to £76 and my PIP from just under £400 a month to just under £300 a month.  Needless to say paying bills makes everything very tight right now. 

I’m awaiting an appointment with a mental health doctor (May 1st) and once I know exactly what’s going on, I’ll update more.

The only thing I’m really looking forward to is the possibility of seeing my lady in april or may.  It’s been far too long since october.  

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