Monthly Archives: July 2015

july 1st update – prolactin …huh?

so early last week i got a letter from my GP telling me i NEEDED to make an appointment to see her.  i did so and got in today.
im luckily seeing and endocrinologist on august 10th.  just as well because my oestrogen level is low (not so low its really an issue however its low enough to cause concern and throw up a red flag. 

another red flag is my prolactin level is apparently sky high and right now we’re hoping it’s related to my meds so one of them has been changed.  i had no clue wtf prolactin was so i googled it and google is NOT my friend.  i’m praying its medication related because i am terrified of the alternative.  my anxiety is peaking right now and i’m on the verge of tears because of how scared i am. 

i dont want to hear those words.