Holiday + Update

I’ll start with my amazing holiday in Norway from 21st to 28th of July. I had some an awesome time, I don’t think I can accurately put it all into words.

Arrived 10.30pm (Norway time) on 21st so I pretty much went back to my BFF’s house and crashed. Had an early morning wake up call on 22nd at 4.30am (after being in bed about three hours) by my BFF’s daughter (who I shall refer to as munchkin for reasons you don’t need to know about) who wanted to play and talk and watch tv.

Read on for more….

Got up at 7.30am ish and sorted out, munchkin was being looked after by her grandparents while me and BFF went to a tall ship festival. I got so many awesome pics, ate amazing food and even went on a pirate ship (after getting a pic with a “pirate” who was a very handsom fella).  We headed back and chilled for the rest of the day.

Thursday 23rd and we had a very early morning because we headed off to lysefjord which was just…..amazing. stunning. Everything was so peaceful and relaxing and I DIDNT GET SEASICK!!! (And of that I am very proud).

After Lysefjord we drove (BFF’s dad took us) up a mountain with a road that Jeremy Clarkson would be happy with. Took us about two hours to get back home and we basically both collapsed.

Friday was a pretty relaxing day though we did do a lot of shopping in the evening we Just chilled, watched movies and ate snacks.

Saturday was similar though we did go out and about, saw BFF’s sister and went to her son’s grave. Was very peaceful and was nice to say a few words, light a candle and put down some flowers.

Sunday included some sightseeing, having Sunday dinner with BFF’s parents and going to a small (14 seater) chapel by the sea.

Monday included a bird park where I got up and close with a beautiful peacock. We went shopping and then went to the beach. It was freezing cold in the water and there is no way I would swim in that! Apparently it’s the coldest summer they’ve had in over fifty years.

Tuesday, we went for a nice drive and a little shopping before i was driven to the airport.

Got loads of pics (duh).

Update time…

So…. During my holiday I fucked up my right ankle more than I thought. I cannot describe the pain of it and walking is….. Hard. I’ve ordered a support and I’m gonna see the doc this week too (hopefully).  But this leads me onto something else….

I saw a psychiatrist Dr earlier in the year and I finally got his letter back. It boils down to borderline personality disorder, PTSD and drug use….. I’ve had to send a letter back as a few of the things he said weren’t quite true.

He has stated that he does not recommend any med changes and where possible anything with opiates should be avoided due to them being addictive…. All because I was honest and said yes I used coke for about six months in my early twenties and yes I used ecstacy about four times and yes I still occasionally use weed for my pain (the last time was three/four months ago, before that was 2014….) And he doesn’t want me becoming addicted or my mental state being more affected….. Which leaves me stuck on what I’m on now….. Which isn’t completely working.


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