Shelby + Medical Update


Hello world. Meet Shelby; she is the newest member of our family.  She will be 4 on August 20th this year and is a Jack Russell crossed with Welsh Corgi (we think) and we rehomed her last Sunday 10th (?) of August from Woodgreen in Godmanchester (England of course).

She is so playful and happy. No problems to walk and is usually friendly with other dogs.  Today she met a friend’s dog (Gemma) and it started okay but went a little pear shaped; Shelby wanted to play and Gem (who is 10 in October) was having none of it and started growling at her, snapping occasionally.  Hopefully in time they’ll get on better, especially after Shelby has “been done”. We have to call up Woodgreen in three ish weeks to get her booked in for that.  Also she likes to chase cats and other small furry creatures.

She settled in so fast and she has so many cute mannerisms.  She sleeps with her tongue poking out, likes to sleep on her back, when she growls (playfully or when she’s startled) she doesn’t just have hackles around her neck…..they go all the way down her back to her tail (which goes “foof” when she growls too).

Of course, she sleeps on my bed and she has her spot of course (which is usually where I want to be).

I still feel a little….. I dunno, guilty? Getting a new fur baby so soon after Scooby passing, but I also hope that he would understand that I (A) am not replacing him at all; Shelby is just another member of the family and (B) I really needed a companion; the house was very quiet and lonely and I was getting depressed again.

Which leads me onto my medical update.

I saw the endocrinologist guy and he seemed kinda up himself but…. Hey ho.  I have a CT scan on Sept 5th and if there’s nothing wrong with the pituitary gland then it’s my meds – specifically my anti depressants, anti sick pills and one of my pain killers. If it is the meds, I have to go through months of coming off one med and going into another and finding a balance.

Sounds fine….. But my anti depressants really do make my life stable. Without them or even on a lower dose I find myself self harming and feeling suicidal.  I have this feeling that it IS my meds (which is good but also bad…..) and this means i’m not looking forward to the next few months of changing meds and I know that my anti sick med is the only one that works for me – I’ve tried 9 others and they don’t do jack all.

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