Painsomnia is a bitch

If you don’t know what painsomnia is its when you’re in so much pain you can’t sleep.
My meds didn’t do anything for me last night and I have no clue why…..well I do and I don’t.

I was so stressed last night. Just one thing after another.  Firstly Pledge Music sucks ass.
My first order from them was last year it was for Jack Strify’s album “Illusion” and also a little glitter ball. I got the album on time but I am still to receive the glitter ball…. It’s got so bad that Strify himself told me to email him with details.
My second order is a VIP ticket for the Backyard Babies concert I’m going to on Nov 25th.  It includes a M&G but Pledge have said they won’t be fulfilled until 27th November……… You see the problem?
I emailed pledge but have yet to get anything back.  Though this doesn’t surprise me as when I emailed them about my glitterball it took three months to get the first reply and that was after consistently emailing them every week.
I went looking online and in a small for we of the net I found over 5000 angry people who have been let down by pledge…..many of them more than once and all of them still waiting to get what they paid for & were promised. 
I’ve been told as long as I have my screen shot of my pledge I should be okay but that isn’t the point….. Pledge should be treating its customers so much better than they are to make sure mistakes and errors don’t happen more than a handful of times.

Other thing is that mum is still desperately trying to hold on to the house just a ~little bit longer.  We haven’t even started packing and all I can think is “fill in the forms and lets get the fuck out of dodge.”   I’m starting to resent this place.  Yes my bed is comfortable but my room no longer feels like it’s mine.
I feel like we really are living on borrowed time and we haven’t started doing anything to help us get out yet.
I feel like I’m the one pushing for her to do anything and I don’t know how long I can keep doing it.  I love my mum dearly  she is an amazing woman and mother and I do completely understand the shot that must be going through her head……. Its going through mine too…. I’m barely hanging on to my mental health…. It’s literally a thread by now and I’m so close to it just breaking and screaming loud enough that the Northeners would hear me.  
Mick screwed us both over so badly and the worst part is we don’t even know why …..we’ll never know why and right now thats all we want is answers

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