Spineless Jellyfish

I use this teeny simply because it physically describes not only Michael, but his brother Simon also.

We found out today that Michael has got himself a new motorbike. It’s been seen outside his new house; two seater with sissy bar.

I guess it must be nice to be able to pay a years rent in advance and still have £20,000 in the bank to do with as you please. 

Thing is…..we worked out a few things like….. He’s done this three times before.   Three times he has walked out of a relationship into a fully furnished house.  

He passed a comment the day he left saying “I never loved you”…. We actually think it’s true.  He had a roof over his head, food on the table and could get his leg over ….. When the latter stopped due to my mum’s health he went and found someone else that he could screw.  

I guess we were blinded and couldn’t see the pattern….

I feel so let down.  To me he was a superhero.  He took me on as his own daughter… I guess he never really saw me as that either.  It hurts so fucking bad… Because technically it’s a bereavement I’m gonna feel all sorts….

Mostly I just hate him so much.

Also my mum has started a blog so you can read things from her perspective.   Link is http://pernscreature.WordPress.com

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