I didn’t cut

The other day I posted about wanting to cut and not doing it.

I wanted to do a blog in this but wasn’t sure (still not) where it will go and how I will write it…..But I know I wanted to write it.

I’ve been self harming on and off for ten years in a number of different ways (which I will not go into because I don’t want to trigger anyone or give ideas).

But the last three times I wanted to cut instead of causing scars I got out my tattoo ink and needles (I don’t have a tattoo machine I do stick and poke) and I tattooed myself.

I’ve got a few self done tattoos and, no they aren’t great but, I’d rather have some Crappy self done tattoos than a bunch of scars.

I guess the point of this is, that there are alternatives.

I also have a rubber band around my wrist and I twang it against my skin, its not the same but it DOES help. 
I love the butterfly project; draw butterflies where you do/have cut or where you would cut. Draw them in sharpie or something that’s gonna take a while to come off and then think of the butterflies before you cut.

Every cut you kill a butterfly and cause another scar.

Always remember that if you’re struggling with self harm there are people out there who will help. Who will listen. Who will guide you in the right direction.

And y’know what, you ever need someone to talk to then please message me!
I’m on Twitter @BorderlineKaz
Instsgram @Girrl_Interrupted

I will always listen.

Anyway….. I hope this maybe helped someone in some way (hopefully the right way).

2 thoughts on “I didn’t cut

  1. Thank you for writing this, we all need to talk about self harm more. And tattooing yourself is a hundred times better than cutting. I got a couple of tattoos to reward myself for not cutting, they remind me of the times I have succeeded. I’ve recently written about my struggle with self harm, if you’re interested you can read them at http://www.blackspotsite.com. Stay strong.

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