Monthly Archives: November 2015

This is why……

Let me preface this by saying I’m not doing this for you.  I’m doing this because I’ve been struggling to deal with shit and wanting answers since March 2014, this is the only way I can get it out and work it out for myself because I know I’ll never get actual answers off of you.

I waited a few days so I don’t say things out of anger (also for my benefit).

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Amazing week…..

This is a bit of a mix muddle…..but I’ll start with the 9th to 16th of November.

My girlfriend visited 😄 I miss her so much now she’s gone but we had an amazing week.  There was a lot of drinking involved and a lot of minecraft too….. Mix them both and you get drunk minecraft…. Wow.  I don’t remember much but I do remember the term “tree cow as opposed to ground cow” and “the sheep are useless!” Which is sort of true….. Unless you want lots of wool!

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