Even in Marriage

TW; rape, abuse, sexual abuse.

All this is going behind a cut as I don’t want to cause undue damage and trigger someone else.

Everything in here is posted with kind permission from my mum.

Today I found out a lot about my mum’s marriage to the person who I have called “dad” for my entire life.

I always knew he wasn’t my biological father but now he has lost any shred of respect I had for him.

Please bare on mind that my mum had a hysterectomy when she was in her 30’s due to cancer in situ.  This means the vaginal passage isn’t very long as everything is basically sealed off.

During the marriage Michael repeatedly raped and abused my mum.  Only it want just his dick that he used.

There were times my mum was crawling up the bed to get away from him as no hole was off limits whether permission was given or not. 

He didn’t use sex toys every time and often used house hold objects such as an empty alcohol bottle and rolling pin. 

He also tried to shove his fist inside of her and didn’t care that mum was in pain. 

As I said, no hole was off limits and he often made her choke; he wanted deep throat no matter what even when mum was trying not to vomit.

There were times that she would be limping or sitting carefully and now I understand why.

Due to this abuse my mum is incontinent and may be for the rest of her life if the urologist and gynochologist cannot fix the damage that has been caused.

I also now completely understand why she is terrified if him coming anywhere near her.

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