Amazing week…..

This is a bit of a mix muddle…..but I’ll start with the 9th to 16th of November.

My girlfriend visited 😄 I miss her so much now she’s gone but we had an amazing week.  There was a lot of drinking involved and a lot of minecraft too….. Mix them both and you get drunk minecraft…. Wow.  I don’t remember much but I do remember the term “tree cow as opposed to ground cow” and “the sheep are useless!” Which is sort of true….. Unless you want lots of wool!


Of course while V was with me the terrible atrocities (sp?) in Paris happened and it put so much into perspective for me.  Life in general and how these things can happen anywhere. 
Paris is such a peaceful place and yet there was bombings and shootings, now I.S. is threatening the same kind of thing for London in the last week of November….


I’m actually in London on Wednesday next week…. My mum looked at me and said “if anything starts happening, hit the deck and play dead.”  She shouldn’t have to give me this advice…. We shouldn’t be telling our friends, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters etc to just hide or play dead…. We shouldn’t be afraid, but we all are…. And we’re playing into their hands by being scared.  Also….. Anyone who says they aren’t scared is lying.

I read a post from a lady who was at the Bataclan when everything happened.  Her recount of what happened just…. I broke.  But on the flipside, the amazing kindness of random strangers makes me believe on the good of the world that is there. We just have to look but instead of looking for the kindness…. Why don’t we be the kindness? Be a rainbow in someone’s storm.

Sorry I kind of went on a tangeant there.

Gran is currently at ours for the night and she’s doing mum’s nut in.  I’m hiding up in my room out the way because I would slap her.  Gran is apparently very down and depressed because she’s lonely. Kath isn’t visiting as much and isn’t staying over night.   Which is what Gran wanted….. But now she’s on her own more.

I got my Hogwarts acceptance letter today 😄 it’s an amazing gift from V and I’m sending hers by owl tomorrow or Monday.  Dipsh*t owl brought it here instead *rolls eyes*.


Out of curiosity what’s your Hogwarts House?  I’m a Hufflepuff hehe I’ve done seven sorting quizzes and the “official” sorting hat quiz and every…..Damn…. Time…. I’m a Hufflepuff. V is a Slytherin. We make a great couple and compliment each other greatly hahaha!

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