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Fibromyalgia Crisis

Euch…. I’ve had to mentally psych myself up for this blog because I have no clue where to even start.

Since being diagnosed in 2010 and learning I’d probably had my fibro since I was a child, I have only ever had two fibromyalgia crises. The first was in 2013 and I was at a gig (30 Seconds to Mars) with my ex. We had to leave early and I was wheeled to the tube after I refused to go to the hospital.

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Crazy ass dream…

It’s been a while since I did a dream post…. Let’s see if anyone can interpret this clusterfuck?

I start out on a local street and walking into a room with a husky puppy and two coffins. I look at them, kick them then head back outside to a door of a house.

I open it up and head inside the house, finding I’m in a science lab/hospital but it has an airport check in area. 

I walk over to the check in area and find two people using Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak…. Someone walks into them and they all three explode.

I wake up as I head to the check in desk to check into the hospital.

….ok go. Interpret that.