Fibromyalgia Crisis

Euch…. I’ve had to mentally psych myself up for this blog because I have no clue where to even start.

Since being diagnosed in 2010 and learning I’d probably had my fibro since I was a child, I have only ever had two fibromyalgia crises. The first was in 2013 and I was at a gig (30 Seconds to Mars) with my ex. We had to leave early and I was wheeled to the tube after I refused to go to the hospital.

I was told that if I ever happened again I should go to the hospital as I would need morphine or the like to help me get through it.

Yesterday (saturday) morning I woke up feeling sick and headachey after a lucid dream.  I didn’t think much of it and sorted out to visit a friend.

Had a great time with my friends and it was fantastic to hang out and catch up, I headed off about 4pm and barely made it fifty feet to the taxi rank.  As I started walking my legs were shaking, my head felt three sizes too big, my back was agony and I had to push myself to get to the taxi.

By the time I got home I could barely walk and almost fell through the door.  My mum had to help me get changed and into bed. My pain score was about a 20 out of 10.

Imagine…. The aches and pains and headaches of the flu….. Times that by about ten….. Now imagine you’ve fallen down 1000 concrete steps and continued by going ten rounds with Mike Tyson and losing them all… But you keep going back for more… Then you crawl over hot coals to get to bed.
And that’s just about the pain I felt.  This is why I was told if I had another crisis I would need a hospital.  Problem is they’d run a battery of tests and as soon as I mention Fibromyalgia they just be like “oh just take your meds…it can’t be that bad…” (Legit, health care professional told me that once…. They’re no longer in that profession….)

So yeah. I didn’t get to actual sleep until 5am ish, I was tossing and turning. Found a comfy position but then I was too hot…. So I moved and put the fan on…. Then I couldn’t get comfy again and was too cold.

Today my pain is about a 10 out of 10. My usual pain level is a 5 out of 10 so I can actually deal with this. Hopefully in a couple of days it’ll pass and I’ll be able to move.

Shelby is being a total sweetheart and so gentle with me, refuses to leave me alone.  She’s laying across my thigh at the moment and keeps licking my arm occasionally. 

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